Find happiness and freedom in your life

                What is the secret?

What is life all about?  Why am I here?  How can I end up living a happy life? What should I do?


These are the questions that all of us ask at one point or other in our lives and a lot of people have spent a lifetime searching for answers.  Can we find the secret to these questions?  

In order to attempt to answer them I have tried to think logically and I have always wanted proof of  anything before I knew something to be true.  So I started on the premise that what is true for me must be based on what I have experienced and factually seen up until now in my life.  That way I could use this as solid grounding and build my beliefs around my experiences when they occur.  These new experiences would then confirm my thoughts or throw new light to an area which I could then explore further. You, having led a different life from myself will inevitably have different experiences from me, so your beliefs will be different.   

We are all looking for the answers and it would be great if we could all find our own.  The world would be a wonderful place if that happened!

If you know where you are going in your life and how you are getting there, then life becomes a much easier journey and does enable you to enjoy the ride at the very least and ensure you are living a happy life.

Life seems to be an easy ride for some, whilst it can be a real burden for others! Why do some people have most things go wrong whilst others have the luck of the gods?  These are all questions we ponder and we all know people that fit both categories.

My experiences say that this is down to attitude, determination,  setting goals and a determination to achieve them. No matter what happens keeping a positive attitude is key.   Once again happiness is not based on what you have or do not have but your attitude towards it.  After all we are all on the same journey and we are constantly learning every day as new things come into our lives, so let’s do our best to enjoy it as well as helping others to do the same.